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Is it just me, or does anyone else only watch Pretty Woman and Willy Wonka at Christmas-time even though it’s available on demand all year round?!


We’re all on the wind down for the Christmas break. Looking back, it’s been a good year. Business has been good this quarter; hopefully a positive sign for next year. Add to that the oodles of new ways for brands to reach people coming on stream every week and we’re in for an exciting 2020! Podcasts are on the up and audio prompt and voice activation are flying.


On demand news and entertainment is part of our daily lives, but at the risk of sounding soft, I absolutely love being part of the community who consumes media in real time. I can call up Die Hard, Pretty Woman or The Sound of Music at anytime of the year… but I have ZERO interest in watching these in March! Anyone else? 

Audiences will tune in in their thousands to Joe Duffy’s Christmas Eve show live from Grafton Street on Radio 1. Families all over the country will make it their business to tune into the Mrs. Brown’s Boys or Eastenders Christmas Day specials. We settle down to listen or watch and it’s sort of comforting to know that millions of people across Ireland and the UK are watching it too. There’s something about that shared experience that keeps us hooked. It’s the same sentiment that radio holds dear. Getting the news first, and at the same time as everyone else. Listening to the same music track as everyone else. The human touch.

Whether you’re listening to Christmas FM this week; or watching ‘It’s a Wonderful Life’ for the 40th time, know that you’re part of a club. And as long as you’re part of that club, you’re never alone.

Music and Entertainment.

Companionship and relevancy.

Real Time. Real Life. 


Merry Christmas!

Siobhan x

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