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Smart ads don’t have to be complicated



Have you heard the new radio ad for FREE NOW? 

In case you haven’t, it’s the new name for the MY TAXI app and service – and it’s so simple and clever that we had to give it a shout out! 

The producers managed to get “MY TAXI is FREE NOW” into their 30second ad not once; not twice; not even 3 times. A lovely, powerful 4 times (and they even managed to squeeze in a sneaky fifth spout at the end)! Multiply that by the number of times the ad is running in any given week and that’s HUGE recall and a well-driven message. 

No explanations, no background why they’ve changed the name, no information other than “MY TAXI is FREE NOW”. 

A brilliant example of a dynamite couple: A simple message with a great voiceover artist in the booth and BOOM! A great radio ad.


That’s it. Short and sweet. A quick commercial nod to FREE NOW. Not MY TAXI. They’ve just changed names you know 😉  


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