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In business, you don’t have the time to process the JNLRs… the CPTs… the GRPs… the list goes on. You simply need fast answers, great value and strong results, right? The mission of The Radio Room is to extract all the important stuff, shake off the lingo and present the facts to you in layman’s terms. Radio advertising is simple… when you know how. Real solutions and real results. That’s Smart Advertising.

We are 100% independent and unbiased, working only for our clients and not for radio stations.

We save you money! You don’t spend hours calling and emailing multiple stations. You don’t spend your budget on the wrong promotion; just because it worked for someone else. You don’t end up advertising on a stations because it’s the station you listen to and love. Instead we give you everything you need to make informed decisions – and an experienced team to book and manage your campaign from start to finish.

campaign management

The team at The Radio Room will manage your advertising campaign from conception to completion. Once we have your brief we will work with you to get your activity to air. We look after everything from research to plans, negiotiations, bookings, payments, traffic instructions, script clearance and transmission schedules; right through to your post-campaign follow up. We also believe hugely in the power of a good audio ad so we'll help you to produce great copy that stands out.


We know you're a seriously talented bunch at securing editorial, press exposure and generally making brands look and sound amazing. We simply add another element to your PR mix by examining what radio audiences your client should be talking to on a commercial level and where to find these listeners. We then deliver a comprehensive report which you can take back to your clients as part of your overall strategy.

marketing support

We take a lot of the heavy lifting away by researching the best advertising avenues and prices available. We then present information and recommendations back to your marketing or general management team and you can take it from there.

radio stations

We don't just work for brands. We also advise radio stations. We offer analysis, feedback and recommendations on rate cards, ad copy and creative, commercial offers to the market, pricing and monetising new initiatives and more. The Radio Room will give your station an impartial second opinion; from radio experts who love the medium just as much as you do.


Have a member of our team drop into your office or meet for a cuppa and take you through the Irish Radio Landscape, detailing audience demographics, targeting audiences, market trends, station history and lots of tips and advice. A mini lecture on the radio industry! We can also tailor training sessions around particular areas of interest in the radio and audio industry.

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